Marijuana:  Parenting for Prevention

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Christine Storm

Caron Treatment Center

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Parents face more challenges than ever in having effective prevention conversations with their teens around marijuana use. Even though this drug is more potent than ever, perception of harm is at an all-time low due to legalization, medicinal use and methods of ingesting like vaping and edibles which seem so much easier and more palatable. We can’t give up! In this webinar, we will explore the important role parents play, discuss the landscape of cannabis products our kids may be exposed to and learn how we can reduce the chances of our teens using.


Marijuana:  Lessons Learned and the Impact on Youth

Kevin Sabet

President & CEO,

Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM)

Luke Niforatos

Executive Vice President,


Will Jones III

Communications & Outreach Associate,


SAM examines the impact of marijuana on communities — from the effect on youth use to drugged driving to complex concerns surrounding social justice issues.  Learn the lessons learned from legalized states and the overall impact on our young people and public health at large.


A Message of Hope, Purpose & Change - 

Underage Drinking is Not A "Rite of Passage”

Kathi Sullivan

JVC Foundation

They say a moment in your life can change who you are.  On October 17, 2008, Kathi had that moment.  Kathi’s 17 year-old daughter Taylor passed away from underage drinking after attending a homecoming game and a series of underage drinking parties her senior year of high school.  Wanting to make something good come from the experience of losing Taylor, combined with staggering youth underage drinking statistics, are what drives Kathi to share her story and Taylor’s message.  Positive messages are more important now than ever - Learn the importance of communicating to your teen that “Negative choices in the past DO NOT define you.  You can learn from them, and make better ones in your future!"


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Alcohol Marketing for Youth via Social Media

David Jernigan, Ph.D.

Johns Hopkins

Bloomberg School of Public Health

Dr. Jernigan will discuss the daily avalanche of alcoholic images and information teens experience from marketing and social media. Alcohol marketing is seen as a major risk factor for underage drinking yet kids continuously see brand ads on television, the movies, storefront posters, YouTube, and celebrity endorsements on social media.  His message is one of hope - that even a small group of committed parents and citizens can achieve change by becoming advocates, investing in research, and limiting alcohol access to young people.

MAY 4 @7PM

Supporting Teens in Reducing Their Stress (and Ours)

Matt Bellace, Ph.D.

Psychologist / Comedian 

Recent research suggests that well-adjusted teenagers have stronger non-cognitive skills, such as self-control, grit and resilience.  This webinar will focus on how parents can help foster those skills in a supportive environment without arguing.  Specifically, it will present techniques such as mindfulness meditation, effective communication and using natural highs as healthy coping mechanisms against stress, alcohol and other drug use and bullying behavior.  The goal is to help improve the quality of life for both parents and their teens.  His very powerful message – we need to support young people in both words and actions if we want them to make healthy choices for themselves.

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