The Youth Vaping Epidemic:

What Parents Need to Know and How to Protect Our Kids

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Dr. Jonathan Avery

Weill Cornell Medical College and

New York - Presbyterian Hospital

Mimi Boublik 

Parents Against Vaping e-Cigaretes


Covid-19 is not the only health crisis we are facing: e-cigarette use increased 78% among high school students from 2017 to 2018, prompting the Surgeon General to classify youth vaping as an epidemic. Currently, approximately one in five high school students use e-cigarettes. Join PAVe’s (Parents Against Vaping e-cigarettes) Mimi Boublik and addiction psychiatrist Dr. Jonathan Avery to understand how vaping affects our children’s bodies and brains, and how to recognize the signs of vaping to protect our children’s health. 


Youth Mental Health 101:

Supporting Teens in These Challenging Times

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Michael Orth

Commissioner, Westchester County

Department of Community Mental Health

Dr. Andrew Ecker

Coordinator of Guidance & Child Study,

Putnam Northern Westchester BOCES

It's okay to not be okay. At any moment in time, one in five teens will face a mental health challenge. Anxiety, depression, and feelings of isolation may be especially heightened right now, making the need for early intervention by parents and caring adults even more important. Join Dr. Andrew Ecker from PNW BOCES and  Michael Orth, Commissioner, Westchester County Dept. of Community Mental Health, to learn more about how to tell the difference between normal "teen angst" and signs that your child may need additional support.  


Marijuana:  Parenting for Prevention

Presented by:

Operation Parent and Christine Storm (Caron Treatment)


Marijuana Legalization: The Impact on Youth

Presented by:

Kevin Sabet, Ph.D.

Luke Niforatos

Will Jones

(Smart Approaches to Marijuana)


Celebrate Life

Presented by:

Kathi Meyer & Chris Sullivan (JVC Foundation)


Snap, Tweet & Tube: Alcohol Marketing for Youth via Social Media

Presented by:

David Jernigan, Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health)


Supporting Teens in Reducing Their Stress (and Ours)

Presented by:

Matt Bellace, Ph.D.


When Alcohol, Summer and Teens Intersect

Presented by:

Operation Parent and Christine Storm (Caron Treatment)

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