MAY 4 @7PM

Supporting Teens in Reducing Their Stress (and Ours)

Matt Bellace, Ph.D.

Psychologist / Comedian 

Recent research suggests that well-adjusted teenagers have stronger non-cognitive skills, such as self-control, grit and resilience.  This webinar will focus on how parents can help foster those skills in a supportive environment without arguing.  Specifically, it will present techniques such as mindfulness meditation, effective communication and using natural highs as healthy coping mechanisms against stress, alcohol and other drug use and bullying behavior.  The goal is to help improve the quality of life for both parents and their teens.  His very powerful message – we need to support young people in both words and actions if we want them to make healthy choices for themselves.


Parenting for the Summer Before College and Beyond

Lauren Johnson, MA, CASAC, CPP

Chairperson, the Collegiate Alliance for Student Success and Prevention (CASSAP)

Beverly Pierce, MA, LCSW, CASAC, CPP
Director, Mental Health Services

Student Assistance Services Corp.

Ellen Morehouse, LCSW, CASAC, CPP

Executive Director

Student Assistance Services Corp.

The last few weeks of high school and the summer before college can impact success at college. This presentation will provide strategies for how parents can influence their student's health and well being during the transition from high school to college while respecting the students desire for independence and autonomy. Discussing academics, relationships, stress management, money, self-care, mental health, and substance use with your graduate before they start college can promote parent-student connectedness and reduce the likelihood of college non-completion. We'll also explore the standard structure of college health and wellness programs, and the resources parents should be familiar with at their student’s college will also be discussed.

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